Interior design ideas for 2015 – the latest home trends

The latest furnishing ideas for 2015 are drawn rather to the past – handmade, wood, nostalgia, but also the opulent Miami style. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, appreciate people more More »

Japanese style as an inspiration for an apartment in Moscow

A realized in a modern way, Japanese style was used for the apartment, we would like to introduce in this article. By using lots of wood in form an edgy partition that More »

Furnishing ideas apply properly – Nice Tips and tricks

Creativity also has a shadow side as all things. Today, we will discuss this in the context of Interior Design. While creativity is always recommended. But there are some things that just More »

Terrace design – Flower Ideas for hanging joy

How would you define the concept of “a beautiful terrace”? Among the colleagues in our team we agreed, that she should bring a relaxed and happy smile first and foremost. There sits More »

Living with personality: vintage & Shabby Chic

All love patina: hardly anyone can resist the charm of past times, so a flat/House in the Shabby chic is still a big trend. He is a casual, playful, feminine and simply beautiful. More »

Modern villa with metal siding

Behind the metal facade of the Holy Cross House in Montreal, Canada is a spatial complexity. The architects of TBA have created a project that on the one hand reflect the heterogeneous More »

Designs & Decor basement you jealous

Instead of using your basement for storage, laundry or keeping empty and cold, why not turn it into something fun and functional. Whether it be a bar for fun or for a More »

Interior design apartments below 50 square meters (with layouts)

Small spaces are ideal for various applications. Although tiny apartment predominantly choice for a single person, it is surprising how well the small family can be placed in the apartment less than More »

Minimalist luxury from Asia

first thought of minimalist home furnishings often cold and emptiness. But the three homes that we present in this article, a creation by designer interiors studies Free Interior, run by the many More »

Comfortable apartment industrial style

Located in the heart of London& Soho, this loft apartment of 107 square meters is decorated in a former warehouse, overlooking the courtyard. A large open living and dining room, with huge More »


Creative wall design with water colors for an artistic home

color design Walls Walls emphasize creative wall design

A painter, lives in all of us. But between these findings and the decision to really take the brush, in the hand are in between worlds. You can follow your artistic instinct but partly by opting for creative wall design

Achieve indirect lighting – dramatic look through coloured light

furnishing ideas indirect lighting LED light bedroom

Every time, if you are looking for indirect lighting tips, fall on the same stuff? HM, viewed from the good side, does this mean you should remember very well the basic rules. To be run also the creative ideas of

Modern chic stairs lighting !

beautiful stairs lighting for outdoors

Only homes that are luxurious and attractively designed, have stairs. That’s why the stairs must appear great. Finally they should fit the apartment well to the Interior, or? In this article you will get acquainted with many magnificent staircases designs.

Architectural Office in Berlin at the highest international level

Berlin architectural firm J Mayer H architects

The modern architecture is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for us. On our blog we present like impressive architectural projects, which you can see in our section “Architecture”. Of course, this is only a tiny part of what

Nursery decoration – ideas for unforgettable nursery designs

children's room make young blue nuances funny carpet

It is a real challenge to make your child’s room, so that the Interior is not too quickly bored children. You agree with us? And what do you say about a nursery design, where your children to feel that they

Renovate shower, Replaced faucet and other repairs in the bathroom

Shower renovate gold bathroom faucet marble walls

Like any other part of the plumbing, the shower should be repaired also. If you would do this in a timely manner, this would lead to larger and longer-lasting damage. Also, a small problem can contribute to loss of water

Guest rooms set wonderful ideas!

beautiful interior design ideas Bedroom Ideas Bedroom Bedroom fully set

If you are looking for beautiful ideas how you could set up a Guest rooms and comfortable guest rooms, we can help you with a variety of great examples! We have prepared 50 diverse proposals for you to help to

Henna pattern on handmade works of art

Bottle Henna decoration Black Blue Flower

Women like all kinds of jewellery, make-up and even beautify. You are ready for any sacrifice to look younger and more beautiful. For this reason, the fashion and cosmetics industries among the fastest growing business areas is worldwide. Increasingly, Henna

Basket chairs for dining great designs!

wicker chairs for dining blackdesign

When you set up your dining room, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first question that needs an answer is: “The dining room is close to the kitchen?” If Yes, then everything is alright. If

Furniture made of cardboard – the latest trend in the facility

Fold furniture from cardboard octopus ideas modern

The cardboard furniture made sensation in the furniture world – the material has proven durable, resistant and easy to clean. In addition, new pieces of furniture have a crucial advantage – they fold together in no time and can be easily