Vertical herb garden set – 5 ideas for terrace and balcony

If you live in a house with a small terrace or in an apartment with a balcony, the creation of a herb garden Because of the lower square Could be problematic. Creating More »

Modern Curtain canvas fabric – 30 Designs and Tips

Modern curtains and blinds put the finishing touches to the apartment and beautify our window. Elegant, colored or failed This should be sought out suitable to the ambiance. You shoulderstand take into More »

Under Stairs Cupboard Home Design Ideas

Make the cupboard under the stairs? A great idea! There is probably no one in the world who does not dream for a luxurious, first-class apartment. Everybody wants a big house on Several More »

Original designs of steel stairs in April 2016

At the beginning of our research, we were a bit skeptical. We were of the opinion that there is no beautiful steel stairs. Although they are frequently preferred, but they are not More »

38 Home Decor Trends That Will Be Huge In 2016

I Said a well-known English thinker That life is but an eternal return. A circle That We Have to travel Constantly, turning to the starting point again and again Inevitably. The good thing More »

Amazing 37 unique examples of modern stairs design in 2016

If the stairs design is aristocratic and interesting, it gives a special flair and luxury class Throughout the room. Not all homes have stairs. THEREFORE, stairs as something special are marked. You More »

Vertical garden and slide – harmonious atmosphere under one roof

A vertical garden at home can be the creative response of the people on the need for nature and green. A family from Kharkiv, Ukraine wanted to have installed in Their studio More »

Amazing Examples of Modern Ceiling Design for April 2016

The 3-storey house F + W is a project by the architectural firm DP + HS architects and located in at opulent residential area in the North of Jakarta, Indonesia. The plot More »

The Best Wooden Patio Roof in 2016

The patio roof makes it possible to enjoy fresh air Even When the weather is bad outside. The Australian architectural firm of FMD has designed a house with striking wooden patio roof More »

Flexible walls and floor to ceiling windows in the modern modular House

A modern detached house in Melbourne, Australia breaks the ideas for modular construction. It is homely, contemporary designed and functional Correctly. The Interior is completely Call open plan and separated only by More »


Floor tiles in hexagonal form design

flooring tiles 3d tex optics cube colors

Want to make time your interior with really original tiles? Be sure you should consider floor tiles in hexagonal shape into consideration. They are extremely original and enhance every room in a special way. You have the choice between small

Beautiful garden and great balcony Ideas and Tips

My beautiful landscaping with fire alternate

Beautiful garden and great balcony: Ideas and tips you love to spend a little time on the balcony or in the garden and where to relax in the open air. A beautiful garden or balcony offers also breakfast room and

Creative Outdoor lighting ideas for April 2016

outdoor soffit lighting ideas

Original and creative ideas, for outdoor lighting outside lighting is truth That is Often the forgotten great. We prepared outdoor rest areas, kitchen and dining room, but we Tend not to spend much time or resources to enlightenment. As much

Fantastic Folding table for balcony idea for 2016

small balcony folding table modern university ideas balcony terrace set 4

Like sitting in your spare time with a cup of coffee and your favorite book on the balcony and enjoy the fresh air? If you are looking for fresh ideas That Could we make your balcony in at optimal manner,

How to Install a Laminate Floating Floor

laminate plank optics dark walnut living room colorful carpet

According to studies, it is the most popular floor covering in Germany – a total of nearly 68 million square meters are laid per year. The explanation for his enhancing popularity is quite simple: the laminate is a low-cost alternative to

Ideas to decorate the outside in Valentine

outdoor valentine date ideas

Ideas for decorating the outside in San Valentin normally when Valentine tend to focus on the decoration of the interior of the House, mostly from the table and its outline it is the place where we are going to celebrate

Amazing 10 decorative entry doors ideas

decorative steel entry doors

The outward appearance of our House is Very Important, in fact MOST of the people will be the only impression That will be our home and of course is what our first visitors and guests will appreciate. Specifically And the

Lovely Wall decals for Hall decoration for 2016

wanddekko corridor a sapling with birds

What do you see as the first, when you finish enter a House? Of course – the hallway! In case, if the day has been exhausting, it is to look at something colorful and beautiful. To improve your mood in

Vertical herb garden set – 5 ideas for terrace and balcony

vertical herb garden creating balcony black wooden board metalnecklace gold earthenware pot

If you live in a house with a small terrace or in an apartment with a balcony, the creation of a herb garden Because of the lower square Could be problematic. Creating a vertical herb garden is a great practical

Windows and metal stair – minimalist house design

window fronts metal stairs small apartment three floors stylish architecture

Today we introduce stairs a House with attractive window fronts and metal, which is a great example of how wonderful a small living space can be used. Namely, the exterior facades form an area of only 8 × 20 m.