Tables microcemento

If yesterday we mentioned a to speak on garden furniture Joaquín Torres which are for sale on their website, today we will talk about this online store to show you a More »

The psychology of color in children’s rooms

It is fascinating to see how the colors are reassuring, alert, heal, inspire, agitate … This is true for adults, but for children is much more important because they are more sensitive More »

The Color of 2014

As is tradition Pantone has announced the color of 2014 with much fanfare and Color expression we have not lost any detail. The color you have chosen as a flag 2014 is More »

Design to develop imagination and expression

PIXYHALL is the name of this kindergarten, a lovely project designed by Japanese architects Moriyuki Ochiai . The idea is that the children could play with your imagination, besides knowing something about More »

Teyoland variety of designs in the world of Kitchens

Teyoland diversified product with a first catalog of cuisines, not just the designs and colors are dynamic, but also issues sometimes more important to customers, the fact that they have a choice More »

The best vintage refrigerators

If we look at the latest trends in furniture, it is hard not to notice, looking at the desires of consumers and the products offered on the market, a return bully, that More »

The importance of using the structures

Many designers prefer to remodel an old house, and for these cases nothing better to keep in mind before starting structures to redesign spaces. Most older homes have high ceilings , so More »

How to decorate the bathroom in an original way

The home decor should cover all stays the same. The bathroom is no exception and its ornament is very important to make a good impression. The idea is to transform the room More »

New trends for screens

The screens are very popular in today’s decor styles by its versatility to separate areas and functions primarily to make curtains in the bathrooms or in some cases to separate rooms complete More »

6 failures in the kitchen decor

When one kitchen decorating there are a number of ideas that can not be put into practice, unless one wants to get into a decorative mess. This is to prevent these errors More »


Textile decoration bedroom


Summer brings new collections of home textiles , the proposed texture Interiors is called Côte d’Azur, I present the new coordinated for decorating bedrooms .

Good Ideas for a beach apartment

home decorating beach house style

We found a website with lots of fantastic ideas related to boating or fishing decor.As the Indian summer arrives and many are thinking of giving a new look to your apartments or houses from the beach you will find lots

Style Atlantic by Maisons du Monde

virgin atlantic flight interior

And we are proposing air crew trends because crave a lot, now share proposals Maisons du Monde we decorate our homes for the Atlantic style.  

Tables microcemento

If yesterday we mentioned a to speak on garden furniture Joaquín Torres which are for sale on their website, today we will talk about this online store to show you a collection of furniture as the original . These

Inspired poufs giant windmills

A fun seat of Spanish building a chair suspended by balloons , colorful glass furniture Nendo … These are some of the pieces presented at the Salone del Mobile 2014 , also called the Milan Furniture Fair, which you have

Collection of furniture citrus colors

During this time of year for most of us want to fill the home with color and optimism. Are you one of them? If so, to get it can change the textiles by more cheerful and fun, painting walls or,

The stairs of the house

after the shell, the second work completes the construction of the house with: the insulation , the siding , the interior walls , the interior woodwork , staircase, the electricity , the plumbing , the heating and air conditioning .The

Multimedia home multiroom

Extension equipment home theater installed? Deliberate choice from a construction project or renovation set in motion? Multiroom - that is to say, the pooling of all your audiovisual equipment – is inseparable from a comprehensive automation system. the type of

How to Renovate your wooden furniture?

Renovation furniture fits perfectly into the trend of recovery and vintage furniture . It is however not easy to choose among the countless techniques that allow you to revive your furniture. Rehabilitation of furniture Before embarking on any renovation of

The Importance Of Light As A Creative Space

 Good lighting can give life to the duller environments and can soothe other saturated and loaded. The light can change a suitable space, distribution, weight … and can create unforgettable moments. A simple candles can transform a very bright environment