Creative geometric prints in the interior design

Creative living ideas, which give more vitality to the interior design knowledge you when the geometric printed were the most popular? So that was kind, at the best of times the pop More »

Comfort full Beach House on the sea of Brazil

Brazilian House, whose Architektur fully enjoy the nature is of fundamental importance in every house any comfort. He seems to come partly from the environment in Beach house. Maybe that’s why they More »

Conversion Modern Architecture Houses

Rio is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. This is also reflected in its architecture. From there, this trend is spreading in Brazil. That’s why it always draws us More »

Modern Dream Homes – Gorgeous design of a house

The Sharifi-ha House is a project by next office and is more than a great building! Want to know times why? Then convince yourself that it, like other modern dream houses looks. More »

Creative Remodeling a penthouse apartment

Creative Remodeling a penthouse apartment – redesign with a personal touch St. Pancras Penthouse Apartment of TG Studio is a charming eclectic house, which is located in the upper three floors of More »

Radiator with decorative elements for stylish interiors

The radiator with decorative elements of Sciroccoh more reminiscent of a freestanding folding screen, as on an ordinary radiator. The interesting flower ornaments make it look more like a stylish decoration. Look More »

15 Ideas for colored designs in red, white and blue

In today’s article we want to show you an example from the United States for the connection between patriotism and the beautiful design. On national festivals such as the 4.7. you design More »

Designer furniture for living room and bathroom with a great concept

Italians have always been a sense of sophisticated design and eye for detail and had the designer Nicola Conti is no exception. The interior designer and product designer from Pesaro, Italy has More »

Combine amazing designer wood furniture sculpture and craftsmanship

The exclusive designer wood furniture of Joseph Walsh see less of as a device and more than real sculptures. The talented artist has wood material creates real art. Each piece of furniture More »

Unusual Painted furniture with romantic designs for home

Painted furniture remind us of the romantic past, when our grandparents were young. Now Kare Design, this concept has redefined – and presented exciting new designs in her collection Ibiza. Strong colors More »


Most Stylish Lampshade Models

Both in terms of lighting requirements, as well as in terms of visual quality is one of the indispensable decoration. This is important because of the many beautiful, different kinds of lighting products with numerous designs each season are presented

Cool teen room – ideas that every girl would love

A teen rooms for girls features styles and themes that could speak for a little girl. Still a pink or purple bedroom with large four-poster bed and plush animals like some teenage girl. Polka dots have a modern yet cute

Modern interior design ideas that will spice up any room

No more is the design in your Living room as before your eyes? Do you feel that changes are needed? If so, then we have something For you today: follow our simple tips to the spice up the living room

Paving stones with home decor

I used to be a stone exterior cladding or building coating was applied. Exterior paving stones used in the decoration of the interior decoration now also began to be used. Split face Stone coating material mainly falls on the tv

The modular furniture system in Office interiors

This creative and practical modular furniture system was designed by the German designers Till Grosch and Björn Meier and produced by the furniture manufacturer of Ophelis. The furniture system called docks and offers infinite combination possibilities in the Office equipment.

Cool ideas for Designer sofas with unique shapes and colors

These cool ideas for modern designer sofas are the perfect Setup for an innovative and unusual interior design. Check these original designs with unusual combinations of shapes and colours and inspiration for setting up your modern living room. The cool

Renew a corner brick fireplace

The brick chimney corner might be your partFavorite of your living room or perhaps the least favorite. The thing with brick fireplaces is that either love or hate. Brick that is outdated or another color can turn what is supposed

Potted Plants flowers in bedroom

Many people shy away from the place, by sleep to be filled with plants, because they fear vermin, and allergic reactions. But this is a misconception. While you should consider when choosing the planting on some things that are not

Bed Room Mosquito Net

Newlywed likes to see in a dowry of teams with a mosquito net, ‘ I wonder how useful? ‘, ‘ should be in the bedroom? ‘ questions such as come across frequently. Mosquito net in the bedroom is not among

Great Tortenetagere for your special occasions

Surprise your guests with your pastry on a Tortenetagere You’re going to a party and want to surprise your guests with something? You have made a great pie or cookies themselves and want to delight your loved ones with these? The