Sitting by the fireplace – 37 residential-style interior design ideas

In the cold season the happy owner of a fireplace important advantage you have can make a cosy seating by the fireplace and enjoy the homely warmth with a glass of coffee More »

Dream home that is not a financial bomb in the budget

Living changed greatly over time its meaning. It’s not only easy to have accommodation. You want to build a dream home and enjoy life in this. On the other hand, the trend to More »

Furnishing ideas corridor – Beautiful Ideas for a hall with table

Every apartment has a large lounge which you can set up with everything, what it wanted to position inside. But you do without in a small corridor on the functionality of the More »

50s furniture for a lovely retro ambience with style

In the 50s, the optimism and the futurism prevailed of the 20th century. This setting and art movement was felt also in the Interior. Everything in the design was applied to the new. More »

Fireplace and fitting decoration to the fireplace around

Every single one of us has their own dream ideas by his Interior. You may have some common, differ increasingly in many aspects among various people. One of the elements which are More »

Wall decoration in the living room – 40 ideas and modern examples

Bare walls can be cool and boring work a room. Plan an original wall decoration in the living room that expresses your style and is a special eye-catcher. We offer you some More »

Concrete walls and indoor garden in a small house in Singapore

The modern architecture of this unusual House was by the seamless structure of buildings and houses on the island of Santorini. The interior design itself, rough concrete walls and indoor garden under More »

Interior design ideas for floor – a welcoming Hall set up

You know what they say about first impressions? In the interior design, this rule applies with full force. The corridor is the first impression in the apartment. Be so sure that your More »

The sideboard for the kitchen is a useful piece of furniture with an antique accent

Cupboard for the kitchen is a practical idea. She speaks but in itself for some certain preferences with regard to the stylistic appearance of the House. Such pieces of furniture are just More »

Some very interesting blinds for skylights

Many people opt for a loft, because apartments are typically cheaper. In addition, they are always warmer, because they are on the last floor. In winter the whole heat from the going More »


Sitting by the fireplace – 37 residential-style interior design ideas

Modern form seating fireside chair seating

In the cold season the happy owner of a fireplace important advantage you have can make a cosy seating by the fireplace and enjoy the homely warmth with a glass of coffee or tea. No matter, whether to relax after

Concrete and granite Interior – the dream house “The Edge”

concrete interiors and granite Amey garden palms coast the edge

This residence with interior concrete and granite is a truly luxurious building impresses in many ways. It is called “The Edge” and is a design by Charles Wright. He and his team of architects built the House in Australia and

Autumn outfit with sweater – 25 stylish styling and fashion ideas

autumn outfit colors Castle Hunder idea modern sweater pocket

Have you already deployed your sweater for fall? If not, then it is high time! The sweater not only keeping warm, but can be used also for stylish outfits. Matching we have deployed outfit with sweater some great ideas for

Indirect lighting for the living room: 60 ideas!

indirect lighting for the living room very cozy

Very often, you underestimate the importance of lighting in a home. It spends a lot of time looking for the perfect furniture, but forget about the role of the lighting. We call this as an error. Because the beautiful lighting

Cool suggestions for Halloween candies and mini cakes

Halloween candy strawberry white

On October 31, dress up the kids in scary costumes and go as witches, monsters or vampires on the road. You knock on neighbors doors and then you hear “Trick or treat”. You should then provide treats, otherwise he will

Hanging flower pots are a great decoration!

great beautiful models hanging flowerpots

It is no easy task to decorate the apartment, really nice. “Why?” – you ask. At the first moment it sounds simple: attach a picture on the wall, put a vase on the nest table, two cushion lay on the

The bar counter – a sponsor or separating function?

Setting kitchen bar counter bar wet bar

Only a few decades ago, the bar counter was a rarity in our homes. It was regarded as a luxury item. But the situation has changed radically. This element uses his presence almost triumphantly in the Interior. The bar counter

White bed – a good friend in the bedroom Interior

Bedroom decorating white bed bedroom setting

At the end of each day, no matter whether he is or not, expired successfully, and full of good humor, each of us will return to his bedroom. There, we recover from the emotions and stock up on new energy

Practical Garden Pavilion roof in igloo-shape

Garden Igloo

The seating area in the garden should have at best a canopy, so that you can enjoy leisure time outdoors even on cooler or rainy days. Various designs are available for this purpose. The garden is quite particularly interesting but

Green Wall color for the kitchen – 37 ideas

green wall color white black kitchen setting ideas

The kitchen is the heart of every home – there is cooked together, ate and enjoyed being together. So feel the hobby quiver in the household, and all family members like to stop, the welcoming and homely ambience is must.