Decorate a Real Guy’s Room

If it is a room for watching television, the TV should be the focal point and the furniture arranged to maximize viewing. The cliché is that men and women do battle over where to place the television. Men tend to want it to be clearly visible and unobstructed at all times. Women generally want to place it in a piece of furniture so that it is not the focal point of the room. How’s this for a compromise – a flat-panel television hung on the wall? Read more about designing entertainment rooms. Among the other functions you might consider – a workshop, bar and pool room or a game room.

Start Anew
Take as much out of the room as possible before you begin, so you can create a new space, focusing on the man who is going to use it. If there are items that he particularly likes, gather them together and keep them nearby so that they can go back in the room later.

Paint the Walls and Choose Fabrics
Research, such as the Roper/Pantone Consumer Color Preference Study, shows that men gravitate toward blues, greens and reds. Blue is a calming color. Green is associated with the environment, nature and wealth. Red evokes intensity and power.

Not sure what color to choose? Pantone, the color design company, offers suggestions for the type of mood you want to create in a room. Lean toward using paint colors found in nature and consider herringbone patterns, tweeds and plaids for fabrics.

You may want to Scotchgard upholstered pieces or choose materials, such as leather, that can withstand heavy-traffic and spills.

Here’s a little-known fact: quality leather is actually among the best materials to use wherever there are likely to be spills, kids, dogs, etc. Just wipe soon after spills.

Think Big
Choose large-scale furniture. Select a sofa or chair that allows him to stretch out. Consider getting a recliner. Designers have made them sleeker and more contemporary looking. Or, get a chair with an ottoman.

Dark, heavy woods give the furniture a masculine look and industrial materials, such as glass and metal, offer a clean, solid appearance. Read about some other ideas for furniture that might appeal to men.