Decorating a Narrow Dining Room

Hang Wall Mirrors on the Long Sides of the Dining Room

I often use wall mirrors when decorating client’s homes. I love mirrors because they provide new views from ever changing angles. They also infinitely reflect opposing mirrors when cleverly hung, and they have the power to make narrow spaces look wider.

If possible, hang two large wall mirrors across from two more of the same style and size. Space them to allow for decorating the center points. The arrangement will look outstanding, and the dining room will appear naturally wider.

Create a Focal Point in Between the Mirrors on One Wall

When using large wall mirrors to make a narrow dining room appear wider, create a focal point by adding eye catching decor to the arrangement. Something eye catching can be placed in between two mirrors. The options are limitless.

I have used wall planters to create stunning dining room focal points. Because the dining room is narrow, they must be mounted a little higher than average to avoid knocking them off of the wall upon passing. Fill beautiful wall planters with realistic faux blooms and vines of your choice. Attention will be drawn to one side of the dining room or the next, and it will appear wider than it really is.