Decorating for Billiard room

4-Incorporate accessory storage. Storage for billiards equipment needs to match the table. Choose a rack in the same wood and finish as the table.

5-Decide on lighting. Usually there is one light over the center of the pool table. Smaller lights should also be placed around the edges of the room. The light over the table should be the brightest light in the room. Instead of using one large light, it’s possible to hang a trio of lights over the table for the same effect. Sconces are popular options for the outer lights. Recessed lighting in the ceiling is another great choice. The main light simply needs to be over the billiards table.

6-Look for chairs. Choose a chair made from the same wood. The wood should have the same finish as the table and rack for a consistent look. As far as the chair cushions, simply match them to the color of the room and the table.