Ideas for Decorating a Lounge

Lounges are a place to entertain. This room can serve many functions, but the focus should be on fun and relaxation. Place a pool table in the room for a sports theme. A poker table can be a place for friends to gather. Look for a poker table that has a removable wood top, so it also can serve as an eating area. Focus your lounge on listening to music or watching movies. Bars can be elegant or fun, and they create a club atmosphere in your home. Hide away office areas in an armoire or behind a screen to escape from work.

Lounges can match the decorating style of the rest of your house, or you can go in a different direction. This room can be masculine, feminine or gender neutral. Decide whether you want the room also to serve as a play area, or if it will be more of an adult-friendly space. Lounges can have retro elements or a chic feel. Use mirrored tables and white leather furniture for an elegant feeling. Base the space on a spa or favorite hotel lobby. Accessorize your room with your favorite objects that you can’t find a place for in the rest of the house such as trophies or musical instruments.