Ideas for Decorating a Rustic Family Room

Paint the Remaining Walls in a Natural Color

When looking for creative ways of decorating rustic family room walls in addition to wood, consider a natural color. Light evergreen is an excellent choice, but any woodsy shade is ideal. Choose the hue according to flooring colors and/or personal preference. Keep it light to maintain an open look and feel.

Hang Rustic Outdoor Decor

A rustic family room should include wall decor with unique rustic style. Shop online for wood or wrought iron pieces for decorating walls, or opt for antique items of interest. Depending on personal interests and style preferences, consider hanging old-time sporting equipment. Rustic shelves with candles in antique-style sconces or lanterns are also ideal.

Use Heavy Rustic Wood-Framed Furniture

Entirely new furniture is not necessary when decorating a family room with rustic style. Slipcovers can be used to add a new color. Plaid is an ideal pattern. However, if new furnishings are a part of the decorating plan, consider heavy, natural wood-framed furniture. They have arms, legs and frames that look like natural logs instead of processed planks of wood. They are incredibly heavy and sturdy, and they will complete the look of a family room with unique rustic style.